Welcome to ScamOfTheDay.com.

On this site we give examples of advance-fee scams so that people can identify them as scams. By doing this we also annoy the snot out of scammers who would rather have their victims not know that they are looking at a scam.

Our main focus is primarily on advance-fee scams, payment scams, Nigerian scams and job scams to some degree.

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My perspective on scam emails:
I can tell if something is spam or a scam in a very simple way. Is it from someone I have sent an email to? Is it from someone that I gave my email address to?

If not, it is ‘unsolicited email.’ I don’t trust those at all. If I wasn’t saving them for this website they would be deleted nearly instantly… probably without being read.

Comments are gone over and approved by the site owner before they appear on the website. This is a manual process and will not happen instantly. Some comments will not appear on the website, by the way. Generally we do not accept scams in comments unless you have something interesting to say in addition to the scam. Comments from proxies will be deleted and comments with URLs will be treated pretty much as spam.

scammers suck