From: “Mystery Shopper®” <>
Reply-To: <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 18:00:23 +0100
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Incisive Media Ltd. 2009 Incisive Media Limited,
28-29 Haymarket,
London SW1Y 4RX,
A company registered in the United Kingdom
with company registration number 04038503

Dear Sir/Madam,

The above named company based in the United Kingdom needs a reliable Representative in the United States. As our Representative in your country, you will Send out

payments to our customers and also establish a medium of contacting our customers in the United States.

All you Need to do is Print and send payments out checks from the comfort if your home to our various customers in the United States. Your payment is very attractive and

you will be given a training program online via the Yahoo or MSN instant messenger.
Requirements needed are:

. Do you own a personal computer?
. How many hours a day will you be able to devote to this Job daily?
. Do you have a color printer?

Payment will be $200. per every 300 check printed and sent out.

We are glad to offer this job position to you. If you feel that you are
a serious and earnest worker and if you want to work for Us.

Below is the APPLICATION FORM, these are the following details,fill the form below and submit via email.

FULL NAMES: _________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH:________________________________
NATIONALITY: ________________________________
COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE:_______________________________________________
MARITAL STATUS: ______________________________
HOME ADDRESS: ________________________________
CITY ______________________________
STATE ______________________________
ZIP CODE ______________________________
PRIVATE TELEPHONE NUMBER:______________________________

Warmest Regards,
Terry Nelson
N.B I will be your assigned supervisor.
Incisive Media Ltd. 2009 Incisive Media Limited,
28-29 Haymarket,
London SW1Y 4RX,

5 thoughts on “PAYMENT DISPATCHER NEEDED !!!!!!

  1. This is a trick is not a real job this man uses the name of collins Maxims to scam people and make you write and send checks for free. so when the peopledeposit the chekcs he still money from their accounts. He uses several emails and names to make this scam job.
    here are some he uses
    Michael Reynolds
    collins Petter

    • This is the classic payment processing scam or ‘money mule’ as I’ve seen it called elsewhere.

      For those who haven’t seen one before the aim is that the “company” hires you to make these supposed bank transfers for them. What you are actually used for is to transfer money from exploited bank accounts offshore for them. Essentially laundering the cash for them.

      What happens is you get hired by them. The scammers then withdraw a lot of cash (usually a couple of thousand) from another bank account usually with the same bank as you and transfer it to your account. The account money was transferred from was in fact an exploited bank account that phishers have gained access to via either keylogging trojans or traditional phishing emails.

      Once you have the money in your account you are usually then asked to withdraw it in cash and wire it via a method such as Western Union to another country. Minus your “wage” of course. Once the money is traced you, the mule, will not be allowed to keep the “wages” you accumulated through this “job”. If you suspect you are currently a mule in this scam contact your bank and the police directly. They will understand the situation and help you out. Far better than potentially being charged with fraud when the money is traced.

  2. Nother version of this email scammer, have to buy hid check software maybe, I ignored it, of course

    Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 05:59:48 +1100
    From: “Charles Princewill”
    Subject: Job

    Hi, I am Charles Princewill a former accountant based in Dale, Florida. I am in urgent need of a payment dispatcher. It’s a full time work at home job and pays well. All you will be doing is help us print and mail payments to specified receipients. To qualify for the job you will need is a PC, a printer, our recommended check printing software: Versa check Platinum 2010 and plenty of online time. I require that you must have Versa check software and a printer to qualify for the job. I will provide all other equipments needed that are not listed above and will be required) Please note that we will furnish you with a UPS shipping account number to use for your duties so you wont have to spend any money on shipments. Your pay will be a minimum of $300 every week and you work only from Mon – Fri (At most 5 hours a day) After you sign up you will have access to training and further details. Please send the following details to sign up. Full name, address and also your daytime telephone number. Warm Regards Charles Princewill

  3. I was drawn into the easy, lucrative check printing scam, too. Only I responded to an employment ad in the county paper. It asked for a payroll accountant. When I requested information, it changed to Payment Dispatcher REpresentative. When I said I couldn’t afford the equipment, he offered to send me money for it. After more e-mails,and red flags, I got curious and googled it. Lo and behold SCAM!

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