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Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 12:43:37 -0700
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International Funds settlement Department

Citi Bank Group Limited.



Dear Beneficiary,


We wish to inform you that the UNITED NATIONS,WORLD BANK, I.M.F AND GOVERNMENTS OF SEVERAL COUNTRIES WORLD held a meeting on Friday the1st of May 2009 and came up with a unanimous agreement to compensate all scammed victims and unpaid beneficiaries of Inheritance Claims ,Contract Funds And Lottery Award Beneficiary all over the world that is involved one way or the other.All you need to do is indicate the country of your involvement and the concern bodies will take up your case from there and your payment will be made to you by our bank as the assigned paying bank for all compensation funds remittance.


In view this development, The above mentione bodies have appointed our bank Citi Bank Group Bank Limited as the paying bank to release all Unpaid and Long over due beneficiaries funds and you happened to be among the lucky listed approved beneficiaries to receive the compensation funds of US$5M (Five Million United States Dollars as payment of Contract/Inheritance and Lottery Award Sum in our Bank which was not yet paid.


Our bank was primarily delegated to investigate manipulated Contracts and Lottery Claims, Inheritance and over-invoiced payment and make sure that the approved beneficiaries receive their funds without any further delay or complain. And that was why the UNITED NATIONS,I.M.F,WORLD BANK intervened in this transfer and remittance proceeds of the US$5M (Five Million United States Dollars) in your favor.


I am therefore authorized by THE UNITED NATIONS, WORLD BANK AND I.M.F to inform you that the Internations Funds and Payment review panel, which concluded its Seating on Friday the 1st of May 2009 in United Kingdom has released your name amongst beneficiaries to benefit from the Compensation Payment as your Payment profile is still reflecting in our central computer as unpaid beneficiary while auditing was going on today and we assure you that all due steps will be taken on the release of your funds to you upon the receipt of your complete informations requested below.


Hence we are informing you of the remittance order by the UNITED NATIONS. WORLD BANK AND I.M.F to go ahead with the release of your fund via Swift Bank Wire Transfer or by a diplomatic delivery payment by an assigned diplomat who will deliver the fund as a diplomatic consignment to you in your location. You are free to indicated which of the payment methods will be preferred by you.


We therefore notify you regarding the new arrangement made by the Board of Directors of our bank assuring all Beneficiaries that they will receive their fund Respectively once all the necessary requirement and procedures are duely followed and met.


You are hereby required to provide this office with the following information to enable us conclude the delivery arrangement which will be completed within the shortest period of time depending on your quick response with the requested informations:


(1)Your full name.

(2) Present contact and residential Address.

(3)Day time and direct mobile telephone numbers .

(4)Your Occupations and Gender.

(5) Your Marital Status and date of birth with your age.

(6) A scan copy of your drivers license or international passport for proper mode of identification.


Please Confirm the receipt of this message and send the Requirements to the Foreign Payment and Remittance Unit of our bank with the informations below for further processing and directives on the release of your funds to you.


Citi Bank Group Limited.

Phone +2348074575767

Email: prof.adewale-gbajumo@live.com

Contact Person:Professor Adewale Gbajumo.



Sir Allen Smith.

International Funds settlement Department Director.

Citi Bank Group Bank Limited.

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