DHL EXPRESS YOUR (Bank Draft worth of $12,000.000.00 USD)

From: “dhl” <>
Subject: DHL EXPRESS YOUR (Bank Draft worth of $12,000.000.00 USD)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 09:29:01 -0500 (CDT)
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DHL GlobalDHL Global Forwarding office.
Oregun Business Park.
2 Billingsway,
Oregun, Lagos.
Nigeria, West-Africa.

We have a bank draft of $12,000.000.00 United States Dollars from The
Federal Ministry of
Finance to be delieverd to you. This is a Part Payment of Your Over Due
Payment,We were
instructed to deliver the bank draft to you in due time, due to the
expiration date of
the bank draft which is fast aproaching.

For your information, The Ministry of Finance here has made settlement
for the Value
Added Tax,Insurance and delivery fee of the bank draft. The only fee
you are required
to send for delivery to your direct address is ($290) being the
Security Keeping Fee of
the Courier Company so far. It should be noted that the Ministry Of
Finance would have
paid for that but We refused because We never knew how soon we would
get in touch with
you in case of Dumorrage.

You have to contact the senior dispatch officer for the delivery of
Draft with the information below;

(1). Full Names:
(2). Contact Address:
(3). Gender:
(4). Age:
(5). Marital Status:
(6). Occupation:
(7). E-Mail Address:
(8). Mobile Number:
(9). Country:
(10). Nationality:

Contact Person: Mr. Michel Metni
Contact Email:
Best Regards,
Customer Service Unit
DHL Nigeria Plc (Nigeria).
Tel: (+234)-8057633517
Tel: (+234)-8091508956

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