From: “FROM NATWEST BANK LONDON” <nat@natwest.com>
Reply-To: <adchristopher@megamail.pt>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 16:55:12 +0100
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Your name was submitted to us as unpaid contractors, inheritance, next of kin and
lotto beneficiaries that was originated from Africa, Europe, Asia Plus Middle east,
Americans) among the list of individuals and companies that were unpaid fund has been
located to NATWEST BANK LONDON which is the paying bank now.Your name appeared among
the beneficiaries who will receive a part-payment of US$2.5Million and has
been approved already for months. You are required to forward the following details
of yours; full names, address, occupation, age, copy of your driver’s License and phone
numbers for verification and re-confirmation.

Please kindly reply back to me so that we shall send you the account opening form for you
to fill and return to us.

Yours Sincerely,
For Natwest Bank London.


  1. I just wanted to give you a couple of name that have ripped me off for thousands of dollars on a very sell plotted out scam, The leader of this said scam is Remi Evelyn Repp, and a so called Director of Remittance of Nat West bank: Harold Moore, ans Samuel Wells, these three peole dragged me over for 16 months. Please use these names to help keep other people from getting scammed!

  2. Be careful of all the promises of sharing her Mothers inheritance, truth is she only want you to pay for to travel from country to country on your hard earned money if you are not to fall for her manipulations. As is generously help this woman out with the kindness of my heart, i did not see the out come even with all of the warning to back away, even the Director of Remittance is a scammer, as he charged me for bank procedures that didnt even exsist. This so called Harold Moore, even lied when i sent money to him, that he claimed he never got, when he is the only one woh has access to his own company desk top. Someting is seriously wrong with that bank, if they allow their employees to committ such acts.

  3. A guy from Hong Kong,asked me to open an offshore account with Natwest Bank in London ,he promised to assist me with certain amount of money to be paid into that account ,if I can open it and send him the account number ,Please I want to know if it is possible to open an offshore account with You ,what are the procedure ,how do I fund the account ,and Is it possible for him to transfer money into the account ,f I can activate it,then is it possible for me as well to withdraw from the account if eventually it becomes operational.

  4. this was sent to me by the NATWEST BANK, i would just like to ask if this true???


    I am Mr. John Cliff the fiduciary officer in-charge of your winning
    .It is my duty as the officer, to ensure that you receive your
    cash-prize fast and safely. All i need from you is trust,obedience and
    fast response and you will smile to the bank in few days time to
    receive your cash-prize (£500,000). I have a good reputation in my
    company and that is why i was chosen to handle this sensitive and
    delicate assignment.

    I have been trying to reach you through the telephone number you
    provided in your application form to brief you more on your winning
    but it is proving difficult. I would appreciate if you call me tomorrow.

    This program was done through a random selection of e-mail addresses
    from some sites in Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe,
    Middle East, Africa and Oceania as part of our international
    promotions program which is conducted annually. This Lottery was
    promoted and sponsored by Shell company and a conglomerate of some
    multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the
    citizens in the communities where they have operational base.

    I have received your application form for payment and i wish to inform
    you that it was completely filled.All the necessary information needed
    for the registration of your prize was provided.I have printed it out
    and it will be submitted to the Natwest Bank of London, UK on Monday.
    This is the bank that is in custody of your cash prize.

    I must say you are a very lucky person to have emerged as a winner. I
    hope and pray that this funds will enable you achieve your life
    dreams, and i hope after you receive this funds, you could invite me
    to your Country for a little Vacation with you.

    However, all you have to do now is to Contact the Natwest Bank of London, UK
    with the information below (This is the bank that will remit your funds to you):

    Natwest Bank of London, UK
    National Westminister Bank Administrative Headquarters
    Stamford Hill Amhurst Parade
    London N165AD.
    Bank telephone: +44-702-402-9964
    Bank Fax: +44-870-974-7694

    Email: contact.natwestbankplc@qualityservice.com

    Foreign operations manager.
    David Scott (Mr)

    Contact David Scott (Mr) with the above e-mail, and send to the
    Natwest Bank of London, UK the below information.

    A SCANNED COPY OF YOUR IDENTITY CARD. (Id Card,International Passport or Drivers License)

    Ensure that the name in any identity card you are to present to the
    Natwest Bank of London, UK corresponds with the name in the application
    form you filled. And for security reasons, i advise you do not disclose
    your winning to the public,keep it secret till your prize has been
    delivered to you. We will officially publicize your winning in due

    Also you should request the Natwest Bank of London, UK to start all legal
    procedures to have your £500,000.00 Transferred to your Account. The
    Natwest Bank of London, UK will correspond to your letter and i advice you
    follow the Natwest Bank of London, UK instructions just to make sure they give
    you quality service you deserve and have your prize delivered safely.

    I will be available to direct you and advise you on how to claim your
    prize. If you need any information you can call me or send me an email

    Best Regards,

    John Cliff (Mr.)
    (Shell premium lottery)

    Dear valued customer,

    Be informed that we have received from your claims officer your winning file and we have been instructed to effect the payment of £500,000.00 GBP (Five hundred thousand Great British Pounds) which is your entitled sum.

    We have a standing tradition of recognizing and protecting the privacy of our customers. Our Bank maintains strict privacy policies to reasonably safeguard customer information from unauthorized intrusions.There is also need for confidentiality from your part until your transfer has been effectively carried out.

    The transfer will be based on the information provided in your Application Form and everything must go in accordance with the ethics and policies of our banking regulation.

    Our message to you proves that your fund exists with our bank

    Bank Transfer Statement:
    ***Input Message Type: Customer Transfer
    ***Ordering Customer : Shell Oil and Gas company.
    ***Transaction Reference Code: 105B0439401
    ***Amount Deposited: £500,000.00
    ***Currency Code: Great British pounds (£)

    Therefore all you have to do now is to provide us with these requirements listed below:

    Payment requirements:

    1) You are required to provide to us a valid account of your choice to enable us commence with the processing for the payment of your cash-prize to you:

    ***Your bank name:
    ***Your bank contact address:
    ***Your bank telephone number:
    ***Your account name:
    ***Your account number:

    2) To ensure that we are dealing with the true beneficiary of the said funds deposited in our bank by the Shell Company, you are mandated to scan and send to us any of the following:

    a)National identity card

    b) International passport

    c) Drivers’ License

    d)Any form of identity

    Any of these identities can serve.

    This are the requirements to facilitate the payment £500,000 to you.Thus, you are required to get back to us on the receipt of this email/document so as to enable us proceed with the processing for your payment.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors, Workers and Staffs of NATWEST BANK OF LONDON, i congratulate you on your winning and encourage you to make judicious use of your prize.

    Best regards,

    David Scott (MR)
    Foreign Operations Manager
    Natwest Bank Of London.

  5. I was befriended by a Mike Grant/Mike Wenzel on facebook. We became friends and he posted a few of ‘his’ pictures, very pleasant guy it seems. But after a while he wrote about wanting to assist me financially and do some business in my country. I provided him with the info and he said he’d like to send me a big sum of money, which I cautioned him against. But he insisted and said that he’s bank, NatWest Bank in UK will get in touch with me. I had already suspected him of being a conman as his English was really all over the place, even though he claims to be a professional businessman from Manchester! I played along, knowing what was going to happen next and true enough, when his ‘bank officer’ from ‘the UK’ called, he spoke African English, which I told him straight. He was dumbfounded! But here’s what his letter said:

    Attention Madam,

    We receive your E-mail,where is what you must do before your
    Mastercard will be send to you to your address you provided.
    Please be advised as fellow(s)

    With reference to our last e-mail,please be informed that our
    assistance to you is to transfer your Fund into a mastercard or
    Visacard and send it you in your country but before we can do that
    like I told you on phone that you have to pay for the LOGISTICS CHARGE
    which will cost you about £1,200 pounds sterling as soon as we get it
    your Card will be send immeditaly.

    Here is the information you will send the through western union for faster

    Name: Mark Peters
    Address:1 Churchill place,London E14 5HP.

    All you need do is to go to the nearest WESTERN UNION Office in your locality
    and send the money as soon as possible.After the receive of the payment your
    card will be send in less than 24hours.

    We wish you a successful Financial Future.

    Thanks for your Cooperation

    Yours in service
    Tony Scott(Sir)

    Head of Operation
    Foreign/Local Operations
    Natwest Bank Plc

  6. I have been informed by Fr John Murray that I have been willed $2,500,000 by Wayne McNeil who died during 2008. I was told that I am one of five persons to be willed $2,500,000 from Mr. McNeil. I have never met Wayne McNeil so it is very difficult to believe he would have willed me these assets. Fr Murray put me in contact with Dan Polzin of the Nation West Finance & Trust bank to conduct the transaction of the $2,500,000 to me. Is this real or just a scam? You may reach Fr Murray at frjohn_murray@yahoo.co.uk and you may reach Dan Polzin info@nwbgroups.net.

    Please respond to my questions regarding this matter.
    John Ferguson
    (864) XXX-XXXX

    • As I replied back to you, these are always scams and are never real, ever. ScamOfTheDay.com being a free service, we don’t do phone consultations about peoples’ scams. Why? That would take time (and time for me is more valuable than money) and it’s time that I don’t have. And it’s quite simple really… they are scams. Period. Delete the email and get on with your life. Don’t send the scammers money because you won’t get anything back for it.

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