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From: “Mrs Lynn” <info@jacob.com>
Reply-To: shipfdxdelivery@yahoo.com.hk
Subject: (no title)
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 07:29:10 -0500 (EST)
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You have a bank draft of $800.000.00 USD which await
outstanding payment of $50 USD. Contact Mr.Mark Harrison Email:
shipfdxdelivery@yahoo.com.hk Tel:++2347051108510

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  1. I just recieved this exact email 2 days ago! As a matter of fact, I had been scammed in the past so I was skeptical and emailed back asking for proof of some sort. Of course they did not respond. They are falsifying FedEx’s copyright and the contact person for the money gram is Mr Enoma Kelvin at 4 W. st G.R.A., Edo State Nigeria. So I became more curious and called the phone # last night to this” Michael”, and spoke with him for quite a while trying to pull any info out of him that I could, but all he culd say is that this “Mrs Lynn” knew me from the water? LOL and if I want one of his agents to come wth me to the bank I can and if not it was OK. He just kept telling me to send the $50.00USD and the envelope would be on my doorstep in 48hrs. These people need to be caught! I am not stopping here I’ll ensure you of that!

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