Contact : Western Union Office Accra Ghana NOW. has forwarded a page to you from Wacom New Zealand

Subject: Contact : Western Union Office Accra Ghana NOW. has forwarded a page to you from Wacom New Zealand
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 04:28:45 +0900 (JST)
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Contact : Western Union Office Accra Ghana NOW. thought you would like to see this page from the Wacom New Zealand web site.
Message from Sender:

Hi, My Dear Friend.

After today Meeting with Government of Ministry of Finance Republic of Ghana today they have decided to finalize all the Compensations payment inheritance funds with you this year 2010, and now we have arranged your payment of ($900,000.00) Nine hundred thousand united states dollars of your Cashier check Compensations to be sent to you through western union money transfer payment: Your payment will be sending to you by western union, the amount you will receive per day is $10,000.00, $5,000 first one and second $5,000 two time per a day.

The minister trust funds of Republic of Ghana will send you the currently standards track details you need to pick up your first payment by western union, you will receive every day till you receive your Compensations $900,000.00 united state dollars, now no need to send you this Cashier check because United State Government complain bitterly that there is many fake check coming from Africa,and for that Our Government decided to paid all Compensations payment inheritance funds Beneficiary through Western Union Money Transfer payment.

The Director Administrator Ministry of Finance trust funds have already signed your payment, now you are free to comply with payment office on this E-mail:( ) however, kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your payment by western union $10, 000.00 per a day.

Mr. James Mark ,
western union department,
E-mail:( )

The financial western union payment canter has been mandated to issue out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with those Scams or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment. Note that the administrator payment
need this details from you to process your payment:

(1) Receiver Name:
(2) Country:
(3) City:
(4) Test question:
(5) Answer:
(6) Occupation:
(7) Tel:
(8) Copy of your Id:

Comply now because as soon as you sent this required details to Mr. James Mark, he will start sending your payment by western union Everyday $5,000 two times which is $10,000 per day .

Mr. Anthony Duru (MD).
Director Ministry of Finance Republic of Ghana

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