World Bank/United Nations Scam Victim Compensation Program

From: “Rev. Laurier A. Labreche JP”<>
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Subject: World Bank/United Nations Scam Victim Compensation Program
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 15:30:32 -0700
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World Bank/United Nations
Scam Victim Compensation Program.

From: Rev. Laurier A. Labreche JP.

Dear Esteemed Beneficiary ,

Re: Dual payment Release Agreement in your Favour.

My name is REV. LAURIER A. LABRECHE JP, a Consultant with the United Nations and the World Bank. It is my utmost pleasure to notify you that the management of these two great Organizations through International Collaboration/Networking Deposit Insurance Corporation, wishes to inform you about your approved compensation sum of 1,000,000.00 GBP (One Million British Pound Sterling) as one of the scam victims submitted to us by Microsoft Internet Fraud Monitor (MIFM). We have been mandated by the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) of World Bank in Switzerland and the United Nations office In New York USA to release this approved said fund to you without any delay.

The above compensation sum has been approved for payment to you through World Bank/ UN Treasury account with Barclays Bank of England.

We have signed an irrevocable agreement with the Queen of England and the management of the Barclays Bank of England clearly stating that an international sanction shall be placed on their country if they fail to make this fund available to you and the other approved 99 victims within the next 72 banking hours.

Be informed that we have waived away all fees and charges which you are supposed to pay to have your fund confirmed in your possession within this stipulated period. The only fee we approved is London Metropolitan Police Fund Report Clearance Fee which must be made directly to the London Metropolitan Police Special Fund Monitoring/ Clearance Agents in UK. Once
the London Metropolitan Police clears and endorse your payment, no individual or organization can stop it on transit till it has been confirmed in your possession.

We hereby advised you to contact the most reliable, credible and trusted person in Barclays Bank London who has been appointed to handle this special compensation payment scheme by name Helen copper through his most confidential contact information as stated below:

Name: Dr (Mrs) Helen copper
Organization: Barclays Bank London-UK
Position: Director,International Remittance
Direct E-mail:

The UN/World Bank has processed and release the below stated payment release codes to you which you must confirm to Dr (Mrs) Helen before she can attend to you for security purpose:

Payment Allocation Code: UN/WB-NIG0039LP
Payment Reference Code: 07154CBN
Payment Agreement/Area Code: 39
Approved Amount: 1,000,000.000 GBP

N/B: You have to keep these information very secret because anybody that has these codes is automatically the beneficiary of this approved fund.

In view of that, the above offices will not be held responsible for your inability to respond to this official letter within 2 banking days, because the World bank and United Nations have given us a 72 working hours mandate to conclude with this transaction and for your own interest you should keep this information very confidential till you have access to this fund.

In case if you need any clarification, do not hesitate to ask, we are always there to meet your needs.

Yours in service,

Rev. Laurier A. Labreche JP.
Consultant with the United Nations.

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