Re: Your Funds Intercepted

From: “National Central Bureau (NCB)”<>
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Subject: Re: Your Funds Intercepted
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 09:27:56 -0700
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  INTERPOL LONDON | National Central Bureau (NCB)

Police Home Office, UK Central Authority

5th Floor Fry Building Marsham Street 2

SW1P 4DF London, United Kingdom.


Re: Funds Intercepted


This is to inform you that our intelligent monitoring network with the

help of our Online Transaction Tracker (OTT) intercepted an Certified Bank

Draft valued $5.5m USD; After conducting our investigation, the two men (

name withheld for security reasons) confessed to be responsible

for your inability of receiving your contract inheritance and winning



It is confirmed that these imposters deliberately hindered you from receiving  your funds by conniving with the agents in charge of your funds

release and demanding excessive fees to scare you away for their own

selfish reasons.


We intercepted this Certified Bank Draft when they were trying to divert

it to The United Kingdom and it has been deposited with our security

company In London United Kingdom.


You are therefore requested to contact Barrister Aaron Wilson via email: with your full contact information to help you

process the release of your Certified Bank Draft to you. We trust her to

help you to process the release as soon as you open communication with

her. Please not that you shall be responsible for the fee for re-lodgment

and change of ownership back to your name. Be advised that without the change

of ownership back to your name the delivery cannot be done.



Please do not hesitate to email US if there are any further complications

for guidelines.


ASP- Dan Owen


INTERPOL LONDON |National Central Bureau (NCB)

Police Home Office

UK Central Authority


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