Refund Payment

From: “I N T E R P O L-UK”<>
Reply-To: <>
Subject: Refund Payment
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 00:03:26 -0700
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

London, UK


This is the fraud investigating international police (INTERPOL LONDON),attached to the United Nations Office In Nigeria.In conjunction with the FBI,CIA,EFCC NIGERIA,ICPC NIGERIA and other internet crime fighting agencies around the world.

Please be informed that we have just arrested the people who defrauded you through online winning,inheritance transfer and contract payments. We scrutinized their data through the Western Union database here in the Nigeria and was able to apprehend some of them. We have frozen there asset and hence handover to the court for prosecution.

According to the Nigeria Supreme Court Requisition Order, we were authorize to refund back 50% of their seized asset to you as part of the compensation to victims of fraud.

To administer the process, the 50% refund is totaling at ($350,000 USD) and it shall be paid back to you through our Authorized payment bank.All you need to do is, forward your full Name and Address and Telephone Number to:

Interpol Information Centre:

Mr Alfred Goldman
Alagbon Close Ikoyi,
Lagos Nigeria

They will activate your payment and instruct patiners Bank to effect the payment to you. You’re advice to halt any further communication with anyone promising you any fund from anywhere as further investigation is still in progress.

Best regards,

Mr Alfred Goldman
Interpol Uk

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