Have you been scammed?

From: “Earnest Ebi”<mrearnestebbi@yahoo.com>
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Subject: Have you been scammed?
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2012 16:21:42 -0700
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Having reviewed all scam cases, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Europe and Africa Headquarters, have joined forces to compensate you as one of the 24 verified victims sequel to the Asia,Africa, Europe scammed list with a sum worth of (USD$92,000) Ninety-Two thousand Dollars. The Board of Directors of World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) has ordered our Foreign Payment Remittance Unit to issue you a CORPORATE VISA CARD where your payment will be uploaded and today we got a notice that your Payment have been uploaded into this CORPORATE VISA CARD and also have registered it with a Courier Company for delivery to you immediately.

For your information, The delivery charges have been paid and they were supposed to have shipped your packaged (ATM CARD) but they insisted that you must re-confirm to them your current delivery address to ensure accurate Delivery.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Due to the content of the package, The Courier Service Company mandated that before your package will be shipped, A Tax Stamp Duty MUST be procured according to the New Customs Law and the essence of such Document is to ensure a hitch-free delivery. Therefore re-confirm your current delivery address as stated to the Courier Service Director via the email: fedexexpcourier@ymail.com

1) Full names:
2) Address:
3) Country:
4) Nationality:
5) Phone #:
6) Age:
7) Occupation:
8) Zip Code
9) Sex:

Please hurry now as your package might incur demurage if it stays more than 3days with FedEx Courier.

Dr. Ernest Ebi
Payment Coordinator
TEL: +234-8100-984261

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