From: “Gottfried Sorg”<>
Reply-To: <>
Subject: MY MAIL TO YOU.
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 21:26:32 -0800
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear ,


Our independent financial security monitory agents have just confirmed your dealings with some unauthorized impersonated staffs of various existing and on exiting  government and non-governmental organizations operating from different offices,We are contacting you today because we are taking over your Online Safety,We all know  that the rate of fraudsters and scammers online are so much that we all receive at least 200 messages per day, All those stories are lies used by fraudsters to extort  money from people.This is your payment reference number (WEREMN890), we advise you to stop further communications either by email, fax or telephone upon the receipt of  this message or you might as well continue with them but please remember to note this phrase, you will never receive one dollar cent outside our organization since  your payment release manifest booklet is registered under our abode.


We have been confirmed the responsibility of releasing lottery, contract, inheritance and other foreign payment transactions. It will be imperative if you listen to  the voice of wisdom and stop chasing shadows. Please ask yourself why after all the fees paid to those crooks nothing was given back to you or have you taught why each  time you send money they will come up demanding for another fee which will continue until you are bankrupt.


Finally, answer all the above questions and get back to this office as soon as possible, we are trying to safe you from further extortion in the hands of those  impersonators. You will not be disappointed if actually you will believe us. Further details will be reiterated to you immediately you respond to this message. I know  you must have been humiliated in the past, find a place in your heart to forget all the intimidation and trauma suffered in the hands of those crooks. We have  discovered there illicit oppression through our secret imposed agents here in united states, you will never receive one dollar cent outside the World Bank because we  have signed agreement with the Federal Bureau of investigation, united nations and the Entire American Government to handle this payment our selves. This is different  from your previous dealings.


kindly get back to this office with your the below details:


1. Full Name:

2. Address:

3. Nationality:

4. Age: Date of Birth:

5. Occupation:

6. Phone:

7. State of Origin:

8. Copy of your identity Card:

9/ The Total Amount Involved:



Gottfried  Sorg

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