Chairman Federal Reserve Bank New York

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Subject: Chairman Federal Reserve Bank New York
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 15:09:08 +0500
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                                   Federal Reserve Bank Office New-York

                                   Department of Foreign Assets Control

                                   & Debts Payment Monitoring Unit, NY

                                   33 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10038.

                                   Official Website:

                                   Direct Contact Phone Number: +1 (917) 410-8069.

                                  Contact E-mail:



Attn:  Dear E-mail Owner/Fund Beneficiary,




Compliment of the season and congratulation in advance! We just received the notice that your long overdue Contract/Inheritance Payment has been successfully transferred to the new bank account submitted by your assistant/representative as directed, so be advised now to contact the (Swed-Bank Stockholm Regional Cooperate Head Office,Sweden Branch) immediately you receive this mail and speak with “Mr. Evered Pontus” on his direct contact number: +46-720158756 (or) via their office E-mail: for full details since they are the bank that transferred the said funds so that they can direct you properly on what you are expected/mandated to do urgently in other for the transferred fund to reflect immediately into your submitted bank account and also cleared for onward withdrawal of the transferred fund from your account bit by bit as legally required by you upon your due “ACTIVATION & CLEARANCE” of the $5.1 Million USD, as this order is in accordance to the International Monetary

Sequel to this notice, if you received this message in error, kindly notify us immediately at the (Federal Reserve Bank Office New-York) on our direct 24/hours hot-line number: +1 (917) 410-8069, to enable us protect the fund from facing an out-right cancellation if you do not claim it as directed by the authority on before 01th January, been the First of this year FIRST FISCAL QUARTER PAYMENT of the year 2013, since the amount has been transferred already into your new account. For this reasons and for us to prevent any counter claim, you are advised to contact “Mr. Evered Pontus” at the (Swed-Bank Stockholm Regional Cooperate Head Office, Sweden Branch) immediately you receive this payment notification order for full/clearer details of what you will need to do now to enable you gain the full right of ownership and legal access to cash the transferred funds out from your own account. Once again congratulation in advance and thanks for your mutual understanding and patience for the time wasted while trying t


Meanwhile, we regrets every inconveniences and the sudden change of payment plan to release your funds through this transfer means, though it is in your best interest to protect and also facilitate the hitch free release of this fund to you as planed, considering the past delays you may have encountered in the past, this is why we want you to be 100% rest assured that your payment will reflect into your account and also released to you as soon as you comply with the new payment procedure as mandated. So do accept our sincere apology from the bottom of our heart, while we congratulates you in advance for your patience, hope, faith and your anticipated co-operation in finalizing this very transaction with the paying bank in SWEDEN once and for all upon proper clearance of the newly transferred fund by you to enable it reflect into your own account in less than 48hours from now provided you activate it for instant withdrawal and transferring of the said funds out from your account bit by bit to other domestic b


                                                    Yours truly,                                                                                             

                                               Mr. Roger W. Ferguson, Jr,

                                           Vice Chairman Federal Reserve Bank New York

                                            Direct Contact Phone Number: +1 (917) 410-8069.


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