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Subject: RE:THANKS
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 10:29:05 -0000
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Following the instruction we received from the United nations dept reconciliation board committees, confirming you as the genuine beneficiary of the contract/inheritance and award fund FIVE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED ((£5, 500, 000, 00) British pound sterling only.

However, I wish to officially inform you that World Wide Organization Inc London has been officially authorized to deliver your contract/inheritance and award to your doorstep within the next 72 hours from now, so you are advice to contact MR.ARTHUR FAGAN in London for urgent delivery of your fund, and follow the instruction of World Wide Organization to enable you receive your fund consignment without any hitches, we are very sorry for delay this delivery might have cause you.

Note: you are to update United Nations here in London as soon as you receive the above fund, to enable UN make final endorsements to the office of world bank /UN, do not fail to call MR.ARTHUR FAGAN via his EMAIL:( as soon as you receive this message.


Dr.Mrs joyce Bernard

For: United Nations

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