Urgent Attention

From: “Mr. Gordon Chen” <gordonchen092@gmail.com>
Reply-To: gordonchen01@live.com
Subject: Urgent Attention
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 03:21:03 -0500
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mr. Gordon P. Chen
Vice President/Manager
Bank of East Asia USA (NA)
San Gabriel Branch
168 West Valley Boulevard.
San Gabriel, CA 91776, USA
Greetings Friend,

I am Mr. Gordon Chen of Bank of East Asia (USA), I write to seek your
consent to carry out a transaction that would be highly beneficial to
you and I. I know you may be wondering why I am contacting you for
this despite all the friends and relations that I have but I decided
to do this with an unknown person to avoid any form of blackmail in
the future.

MR. DAVID ANGELL was an account holder with my bank. I have been his
account officer for 11 years before his death. He died during the
World Trade Center bombing in September 11 2001, Since his death, the
management of my bank has made series of efforts to locate his family
but all efforts were proved abortive. I also carried out series of
research to find his family but it was confirmed that the mother who
was the only surviving member of the family died at the hearing of the
son’s death. He was already divorced before his death and due to
this fact; no one was able to claim the fund he deposited in my bank
legally because there was no will to it. He had a secret dollar
account with my bank worth the sum of $58,200,000.00 (Fifty Eight
Million, Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with an interest
agreement of 6.7% which have been for the past 11years.
My purpose of contacting you now is this: My bank during the last
executive board meeting resolved that if by the end of this year and
there is no beneficiary to the said account, the account will be
confiscated and the fund sent to the bank treasury and this is where I
am interested in and wants you to come in:

I want you to come in as the Next of Kin/Beneficiary to this
account. I have all the titled documents to back your claim and as the
Vice President and Manager of this branch, it is in my power to carry
out any form of verification on the beneficiary of the said fund and
process the fund wire without any problem. I want you to know that
this is legal and 100% risk free as all the titled documents would be
changed to your name and the fund will wired to any bank account you
wish to have it wired to.

Please note that I am willing to let you have 40% of the total sum
while you give me 60% when the fund finally gets to your nominated
bank account, Also note that I am willing to go extra mile to make
this a success because if anything goes wrong, then I stand the risk
of losing my job and even go to jail for trying to carry out such
transaction. This is why I am contacting you so that we can put heads
together and take care of this transaction within now and the next 9
days. Kindly get back to me immediately with my private email address
for security reason (gordonchen01@live.com) I advice you on how this
would be carried out.
Mr. Gordon Chen

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