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Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 21:36:55 -0700
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!!

Dear, Sir/Madam.

The International Monetary fund, also known as(IMF). Has brought this warning to your

utmost notice,so you will heed to it.

It is so sad that repeated word on same fraudulent manner keep happening, due to

ignorance from you innocent heart and other complaints are still coming to our FBI

office how you men and women engage your innocent selves into business on the internet

which the FEDERAL BUREAU INVESTIGATION are tracking so hard, to get this whole thing

stop,such messages of your inheritance,your money in ATM denominations withdraws and so

on. This men are all imposter’s, please. Be reasonable for once and stop this

conversation’s because this whole scam/fraudulent issues on the internet had taking

countless lives, due to they have spent their life savings on getting their money back

yet, all to no avail, it is good to do business,but what matters is for one to becareful

when one decides on how and whom you engage yourself with in business.
Business is for one to achieve goals of good future and good profits and not for

loses.Believe me some human’s on the internet this current time of the world are not

worth it to be trusted. It has also make more human’s to engage themselves into fraud

because they find it as the easiest and simpliest way of making money with their tricks

and head games.

We urge and plead to you all, Please!!! Please!!! and Please, Do stop answering to

their messages or better still report to us any further mails, because we have invite

the Federal Bureau Investigation,Interpols and our Investigation tracking team also are

seriously on the internet swindler’s critically to make sure this whole scam issue is

put to a stop. It is never on the agenda of the IMF to compensate for your lost, but due

to the human rights activist in our sector and other heads of authorities who has had

such experience knows the pains you are going through your lost. The IMF had mapped out

($1.6million) for each victims who had vividly been fraud-ed through the online internet

act, and if you have not been scammed do not reply to this message, as you too is

contributing to corruption.

Do have a good time and life as you heed to this whole advice, do fill your

information’s below to verify you as a victim, so it can enable us carry out the

proposed issue to compensate you as the fraud-ed victim.

Note- we are not sending it to you through any courier delievery sector, but from our

bank to your private bank account.because, we have heard how the delivery sector always

collect money from individuals and yet they delay and won’t get their parcels.I advice

you send me in person your bank details and address as soon as you get this message,to the transferring department email below.


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