Re: Us$7.6 Million 14 days Transfer

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Subject: Re: Us$7.6 Million 14 days Transfer
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 01:36:23 -0700
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>From the office of Mr.Tom liu Wang

Executive Director,

Citic Bank Of China (CBC),


Re: Us$7.6 Million 14 days Transfer.


Dear Friend.


I am Mr.Tom liu Wang the Executive Director Citic Bank Of China (CBC), since my assumption of office, I have been able to offset most Overdue Contract sums (USD$46 MILLION) owed by the Government of China to Foreign contractors in the past years.


In the process of these payments I discovered through investigation that my predecessor was about to move the above-mentioned sum, but was unable to conclude the transaction before he was removed out of office. I kept this within myself and I requested for the bank code change, this was done successfully for my predecessor not to have access to the bank information.


The fund originated from the balance of over-invoiced sum had been paid and Inflated government contracts of which the principal sum had been paid to foreign contractors that executed their contract some years ago.


This fund is now floating in a suspense account of our bank and will be moved by electronic telegraphic transfer within 14 working days in another way bank transfer of perfection of your account coordinates, I have concluded all necessary Arrangements to move this fund out, contacting you on this issue became imperative to owing to the fact that the transfer cannot be effected without a second party involved.


Therefore, what is required from you is trust and honesty, no further documentation; just to change the ownership to your name. I will forward an account where my share will be further transferred to, when the money reaches your bank. At the moment I can only give information that are reasonably able to assist the transaction without jeopardizing my personal effort on this transaction.


You can email now with your details to indicate your wiliness Thanks in advance for a mutual and fruitful business proposal.


1 Your Full Names/ Address

2, Your telephone Number/ Fax

3, Profession

4, Age/Sex

5, Marital Status



Mr.Tom liu Wang


Citic Bank Of China (CBC),

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