Your Funds are Ready for pick-up Now….

From: “OFFICE FILE” <>
Subject: Your Funds are Ready for pick-up Now….
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 05:36:57 -0400
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Attn: Dear,
We want to inform you that your $5000 has been release today from
western union and we want you to contact Mr.David Mark immediately with this
email address mailto:( ) Or the
phone number(+229 6821 8483) Here is the information the western union office
need from you.
your full name____________

your country_____________

phone numbers____________

your age_______________

Ask him to give you the question and answer for you to pick up the
$5000 he sent to you, he will be sending it $5000 until he finish sending the
whole amount to you which is $1.5M USD, One Million Five Hundred Thousands
Dollars, you will pay small amount for PIN CODE before you can pick up the money
but we don’t know the exactly amount.
We wish You Good luck

Mrs. Nora Igwe.

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