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With reference to the instruction from Miss Gifty Kipkalya Kones for the release of Mr. Kipkalya Kones deposited fund,($55.8 Million) willed to Miss Gifty Kipkalya Kones,this esteemed bank is in receipt of the inquiry letter regarding the inherited fund deposited in an escrow account. She has informed us to contact you based on her inheritance fund with our bank here in Burkina Faso. Be informed that your formal inquiry has been noted and forwarded to the transfer unit of this bank in Ghana for verification ,therefore you are required to furnish this bank with authentic proofs, confirming the death of the depositor and the approval from the next of kin (Miss Gifty Kipkalya Kones ) to the deceased for verification and authentication of your claim.

You are hereby requested to present to this bank the following documents for verification procedures before the transfer of the fund to you as the Trustee.Fill the form with your information as requested.

(1) An application letter for closure of account/transfer of the requested fund into your nominated bank account.(2) Copy of the deposit certificate issued to Mr.Kipkalya Kones by this esteemed bank.(3) A letter of Authority i.e (Power of attorney) dully signed by a Burkina Faso recognised lawyer, empowering you to make this claims and transfer on behalf of Miss Gifty Kipkalya Kones .(4) A copy of a death certificate of Mr Kipkalya Kones issued by a private/government owned hospital.(5) An Affidavit of Oath issued by a Burkina Faso Federal high court / ministry of justice.

On receipt of the above requested information’s/documents, we shall commence with the fund transfer request and verification of your claim before this bank will proceed with the process of your transfer as soon as this requested documents are secured . We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this process might cause you, as it is the official procedure for transfer of inheritance claim. Be informed that we already have received a letter from Miss Gifty Kipkalya Kones that someone will soon contact the bank as her trustee, We promise to comply with your request of the fund transfer just get us the legal document for proves, Kindly look for a Burkina Faso legal Representative for the issue of documents from the Federal High Court of Burkina Faso .This is the official procedure of inheritance claim and we promise to complete her request for the fund transfer to your Bank Account as her legal Trustee since she is the next of Kin to her late father’s Account with our Bank.

NB. if there is where we can help as regards to challenges of getting all this documents, please don’t hesitate to inform us
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Dr Sule Sawadogo.
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