Eviction Scam

An email telling people that they’ve been evicted is circulating and the red flags are their so you’re not scammed. Experts tracked down, who examined the email and they say the first red flag is, that this eviction notice comes in the form of an email. York County Resident Sandra Lasater got an email that she was being evicted. “My son is my landlord and I asked him if he was trying to get rid of me ha ha! But he didn’t know what was going on either,” Sandra Lasater, North Codorus Township resident. But other renters may not be so lucky. People on the scam warners website are talking about this latest scam, the email which is signed by someone who identifies themselves as a bailiff. But officials say, the York County Court system doesn’t use that term. “And it said you had to be out by March first and they were going to come in take your property, it was signed by a bailiff and the initials were for Rhode Island state Court,” said Sandra.
This particular case,provides information about email “phishing” schemes. People should be very cautious when spending money to a person they do not know or through West Union. A lot of phishing scams are done in bulk 10,000 or 100,000 at a time to try to get a response. They prey on older people and that if people do receive an email similar to what Sandra did, they should know if they are behind on rent and verify with landlords to make sure there is no problem. Southwestern Regional Police Sgt. Jack Green said that mail service fraud used to be a big concern with regards to scams but now people, mainly from countries outside of the US, are using email to scare people into sending money right away.

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