Frequently Asked Questions about Advance-Fee Scams

Q) Why do I have to pay fees? Why can’t you fold the fees into my prize?

A) I used to get this question a lot. I got it again today (20-Jul-2011) for the first time in a long time. The real problem here is that the question asker doesn’t realize that it’s a scam. There is no prize. The whole intent of the advance-fee scam is to get ‘fees’ from the ‘prize winner’ in advance of them getting their prize, which they will never receive.

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      • What if they give you all the information for the first payment of a western union transaction they sent. For instance:
        Text. Quest====the question
        Answer====the answer
        MTCN====the code
        Sender—–the name
        WHAT WE DO:
        Receiver====the name
        Country====Benin Republic
        Amount===$175.00 usd
        M.T.C. N.====blank
        All the information already shows up like the +229 9941xxxx but the sender and receiver are different and I don’t see anything listed so far in this format. I feel they stepped up their game with me because I nail them on the spot and let them know. I get about a hundred a day stupidly many with same numbers I reported them on after I told them I was doing so. They have even started calling my phone using that shows up the actual business number. How do I stop them because it is interfering with everything like they have completely took over my phone?

        • Kimberly – they are lying to you, of course. They may give a MTCN for a payment that you could pick up but it’s just a lure to pull you deeper into the scam. The MTCN, while it exists, will already have been picked up.

  1. I received an email from Rami Makhlouf claiming to be the cousin of President Bashar Assad. he asked for help in setting up an bank account in england. for a substantial reward. i felt like i had to post this information somewhere as upon searching for information on this scam i could not find anything anywhere on the web and i think people should be made aware of this if not just so people recognise his name. this started on facebook through my companies facebook page and after no reply to a facebook message he contacted me through my companies email address listed on facebook.

    • i also recieved an email from Rami Makhlouf he also claiming to be the cousin of pres. Bashar Assad. he also asked for help in setting up a bank account in our country philippines. He send his passport as an identification that he is truly Rami Makhlouf. this time he asked me about my identification ID for validation. is this scam? i was confused to give him my ID. il asked him to call my mobile phone but he said my phone was cannot be reached. any comments on this? please reply asap.. thanks..

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