Reporting scams

In the USA we have several governmental organizations that you can report Nigerian scams/Advance-fee scams to.


  1. The first I’d like to talk about is the FTC – The Federal Trade Commission. Their recommendation if you’ve received one of these email scams is to stop and ask yourself a couple of important questions. “Why would a perfect stranger pick you — also a perfect stranger — to share a fortune with, and why would you share your personal or business information, including your bank account numbers or your company letterhead, with someone you don’t know?” Good advice to be sure. Here’s their link for general information about advance-fee scams: And here’s a link to their Bureau of Consumer Protection – and please note … they do not resolve individual consumer complaints – they enter all complaints it receives into Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database that is used by thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement authorities worldwide. Their toll-free number is 1-877-FTC-HELP.
  2. The United States Secret Service – the US Secret Service investigates financial crimes in the USA (which would include Nigerian/advance-fee fraud). To file a complaint or for more information visit or you can call your local Secret Service office listed in the phone book.


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10 thoughts on “Reporting scams

  1. new scam showed up inmy inbox,,from Cinthia Mohammed, said ‘Good News’ she was contacting me for her partner in England, he was holding a 150.000$bank cheque for me,,
    Rev.Father Didier Simon,was to contact him at Rev_didier1958@ have fun with this asshole,cant stand these scammers,line em up and shoot em,,

  2. someone is booking flight tickets and laundering money scam through my email address somehow ? American Airlines

    Customer Notification
    Your bought ticket is attached to the letter as a scan document.

    To use your ticket you should Download It .

    Electronic Ticket Seat Date / Time of Departure Flight Time Arriving Ref Bag Form of payment Total Price
    EH1321181643 42F/ZONE 2 23 APRIL, 2013, 10:35 AM 09:35 Moreno Valley EF2718 ST / OK 2PC CC 391.91 USD

  3. Get this, a “Sgt.Sandra Bynes” wants me to help her get stolen money to the U.S. As a wounded soldier she says she can’t claim the 10 million dollars, as she couldn’t account to the IRS as to how she came to have this money. So will I help her? LOL This is the dummest scam I have ever had a good laugh over.

  4. Received email that Max Audley a London Lawyer wants me to be the next of kin to a Castelli that was killed in an accident. I knew right away it was a SCAM!

  5. I had a bunch of messages on my facebook telling me I won one million dollars for the rest of my live she said she wasDanielle Lam
    And said they havnt come to my door cause the IRS was checking me out is this true she said dave would hold a check up with my name on it.please reply thank you angeline sly

  6. so this guy(hong xu) from a bank in china contacted me saying he needed my help to get a deceased clients(jerry carpenter) millions of dollars out of the bank and needed me cuz there was no next of kin.

  7. I received a very long heart pouring email from 1 Gabriel Gill who saw my particulars on a date site and wanted to be friends. For 2 weeks he has communicate with me via Yahoo messenger. He then said he is an Engineer who got a big contract from the Nigerian Goverment in Abuja and will get a big amount of money $950000000.00 after completion of contract. Then he email me and said he is now in Abuja. Next they are working on the site. He sends you photo’s of the site. Then 2 man fall from building. (This guy must be very good) he even let’s his 86 old mom email you. Then he ask you to borrow him $500 dollar for food because he has paid the hospital. He even send you his passport which might be stolen. Photo’s corresponds. When you don’t want to send him the money, he tells you to go search on the site again. I now laugh about the incident but could have easlily fall for this man’s nice and sorry talks. Please warn other woman on diting sites to be wary of this. He even gave me an Absa bank account number which was in the name of Jeneen Leigh pieterse’s name to deposit the money.

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